Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello World, I'm HERE!

My name is Nova Leone. I was born to my Mommy Amanda and Daddy Morgan. My Gamma thinks I am the most beautiful baby ever born and has decided to start this blog, to chronicle my life. Here you will find pictures of me and pictures of others with me that love me very much. I may even include some of my favorite things too. I know you will fall in love with me, just like everyone who sees me! Gamma is also going to try to do a bi-monthly/monthly news letter, bragging about my milestones, all the awesomeness that is me, cause you all know I AM the epitomy of awesomeness. Gamma is going to also try to share here what is going on in the world as much as possible. Even though Gamma and my other Grandmas and Grandpas, my Papa and all my Uncles and Aunts will spoil me rotten, Gamma wants me to be as well rounded as possible too, so knowing all the important things that are going on in the world, will allow me to one day look back and see what was happening around me as I grew.
This first picture above, looks like one of the professional photos that all hospitals take of newborns, but my Daddy forgo that and took the picture himself. Frankly, Gamma and I think this is MUCH better than the pictures the hospital takes! My Daddy is SO very talented!

Can you handle my cuteness?

Getting all cleaned up and checked up, of course I'm healthy, how could I NOT be!

Cute, is simply not the right word, it just isn't good enough for how amazing I REALLY am!

Gamma told me that she absolutely LOVES this little green bow with white polka dots!

A snuggle with my daddy. I look SO little next to my big protecting daddy.

I am loved by all that see me, hold me, touch me and even though Gamma hasn't gotten to hold me yet, I worked my magic and have already got her wrapped around every fiber of her being!

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